Wednesday, May 7, 2008

bring a tear TM


Live buyers’ drerd
ire collier aboard

esse mountains
(but a throw from line 75555)
din image processing.........
a bee (line 75555)
in t and bee


illy are att
as she’ll have
at the exhibitio
racting middle-
income homen’s nature
was th’ income home
e-Times T. S. Eliot cat po

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Friday, February 1, 2008


timbo, admit timid dim it timbo
fine line between francas and dan sac narf new tab eni len fine
adelaide, in nie ed adeli adelaide

brad, drab bar bras oh brother brad
fickle nibble armament ten am arm bin ble elk fickle
slowpokes, poke’em kes wolk lows pol slop pokes

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

for chloe, on s?

consier 3000 metre
m steeplechase

ilisida genus of cactus
lam is guy of gisborne
this one does not

nearEarth object ob li
in know way the movie is “dirty”— it is
funny, romantic and nostalgic. the beach way.

yule, algal grazers
b volumes greater than 80 gallon
this is a finalist,
american writer and creator

tian school
such as a bunker

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Friday, November 30, 2007

likey building

Virgin diner got
on my main dining
Nesh World Conservation

2nd world
gator buck ludge
paddling route
royal peeress
against a hurricane

ive stomach page
don’t forget to
change the
color from chip kidd thru
mcluhan quote
montreal expos
frock coat on countess
bit-beast dubbed version

is written point of view
of obsessed fan
she’s dune buggy races
ordinary kids are being summoned
(public worship for three years)
to Dune
mutiny o’ danby
hindlimb cannon bones
ultra-royalists w/ pilot license
odd jobs
charbroil is from blackduck too
toyline brando

“and, for instance, have you no longer referred
to one specific cannib?”
crayfisherman himself
(as well as PE teacher)

before dedicating
it also gained itself the nickname
Ixhuatlancillo Nahuatl

through its various companies
and wholly owned subsidiaries
former governor of South Carolina, published
ancient Roman tunnel
rated with a dual rating system of gore score

aquitaine regionals
do adlib very little
proverb slummers lung
ferry terminal to improv prac
practically prof history book dial-up

I Give You Jesus on Jimmy
only had a daughter and so with his death
would get the majority of playing time
catalogue numbers to a till

hell typist over roast biff

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

two for almost demonic flames

bruce confirmed the willies
at night when you’re some strange noises
officer figure late at night
on the curb
staring blankly into the street

straddles berks bruce confirmed
the willies and the valleys
at night when you’re a showplace of natural splendor
officer figure which swirls throughout its trees late
in a chain

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Monday, November 19, 2007

For Jackie's Uni-Furlieu

Parish securiteacher
born in that free folk lawsuit

B.A.(Hons.), LL.B., M.Sc. (in Journalism) and Ph.D. (Philosophy).

Birdwatchers allllowing them to release it
seven-slot honorsssssssssssss
various re-release splits

Eldon ain’t

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Conspectus Pro-Lifers

citizen’s arrest suburban illinois
car theivery south of
city border as moat
of impenetrable atoll

kilimeter lagoon,
wheeling insouciant county with
bog feelers and skerry west point
point being,
geocentric relative presets bind to their own power class

slippery fingers of the
studio sessions undergraduate paint majors
stick and run signaling pathway to four story
parking garage cockney origins parking
attendent untried on stick shift
scenario clubhouse

golfball relocation
duct tape grip putter
non-title bout

emeritus con
square portions of polytech
enforcers of various beach laws
trifecti american punter bobbles a long snap
married couple imparts to finish taxes in
clipped sentences

cincinatti kid political confliction and
circumstance votes for kentucky pro-lifer
a horse named hotspur
stakes finish line inadequate standpoint
sport of harness racing

coastal town tropics
lined in american agnostics apathy of indecision
strength of tourism pot stomachs pops a belt notch
small intestine sub dreams fiber autocourse
ennui anagram poet rearranges
hallmarkers how they say

textile choir scope
smell of unemptied lint bin
kitchen floor water dish damp socks
settled down,
distinction overload meaning raiders

can i hold my whole
backness weighting proxity remembrance
collic stain symptom that
cashes out its institution in salary reduction

sledge casting call back realizes the
importance of attitude in convexed lip shapers
prowess contortionist who uses one brand of
everything store bought brahms string section

off and catty cornered mind reader forum with
purchase calvary horse hair bow

sufferers of sheep skin,
snow capped statues forlorn nickel tipper
don't tell im only half clip show soda shop milk
pinched loaf lingers over planitarium host
gives two cents constructs
pent pup aggressors

holed and shut out
degrees of midtown status
cornrow happy hour lawyer's den

sleepy pre game beer tap drools dead fish-like
neck hands, stranglers fiber glass finger
clutch as linguini lithe
liar gets carbon offset point setter
nose shoved off into hound snout

bald spots nest company carved
scrotum flaps barren buck shot flag rubble
i ve given lip but not enough show to
survive a stint mass

soft pad knee stool
don t fulcrum off systematic bouts of
non-sleep nearly dead of exhaustion pre twenties
bar bladder contracts after
half hour wait for trashed port-a-john
user's left over inch sack caught on my dog's paw
wrinkle in time CHAP 1:
liver wurst and onion sandwich

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